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Ropa Blanca

About Ropa Blanca

A new visual art project about the history of textiles in The Americas. I will look at textile traditions in different places of the continent such as Colombia, Guatemala, Bolivia and the Pacific Northwest. This project will look at the relationship between clothing and human experience, and I will share my own experience of every encounter with each textile culture. The project will be produced in several stages using media such as stop-motion /cut-out animation, soft sculpture, photography, and drawing.

In the first part of the project, I will focus on Colombia’s textile tradition, which is close to my personal experience. I will make a stop-motion/cut-out animation that will follow mysterious cotton blankets found in caves wrapping mummies. Theses mummies belonged to the Guanes, an indigenous group from Colombia.  I grew up surrounded by the mountains where these caves-cemeteries were found. As a child, I heard about these archeological finds but I never really saw any of them. Later on, when I became an adult and an artist I decided to research these famous blankets and is where the story started.

In my research, I learned about a rural weaving women that lived in smalls village close to the mountains where the caves were found-. They inherited weaving knowledge and recovered a disappearing textile tradition. This tradition was already a mix of indigenous and spanish textile techniques. This technique blend attracted my attention and I decided to visit them and learn about these enigmatic weaver’s community and their mystical cotton blankets.

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